The real secret to success is enthusiasm. We love this stuff. Join us!

We don’t “sell” anything. We partner with our clients to help them solve problems.

Digital Sales Tools

We create specialized digital sales tools for both B2B and B2C companies. Our focus is on engaging, multimedia-driven apps that excite your sales team and wow your customers. We have the ability to create apps for local businesses, as well as enterprise level systems to support global sales teams.

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Video Production

4K or Ultra-HD resolutions are here. We have been shooting and producing videos in 4K since 2010, so we have the experience and equipment to do it right.

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2D & 3D Animation

We offer a full range of 3D modeling and animation services, and specialize in highly technical animations. Environments… physics… photo-realism… check.

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Clear Creek Media is Your Partner

An extension of your team.

We don’t have many clients, and quite honestly that’s on purpose.  We’re not going to sell you a video, or a digital publishing app and then move on.  We want to understand your business and develop a lasting relationship, and we believe that is the only way to truly be successful.  Will you be our next partner?

Quality and value.

Of course the ultimate goal is for us to create something for your business.  We have always pushed the limits of our expertise in order to achieve the highest quality.  Value is also important to us, otherwise why would you want to work with us long-term?  You can invest your money any number of places, but when you choose us we’ll do our best to make every penny count.

Some of Our Clients

Some of our clients.